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Monday, 16 July 2012

Starting out tips

Remember to do the quiz. You can get one more Legend Card Pack.

Go to "My Page", found on the top left.

Scroll down, till you see the quiz banner.

Have fun.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Deity Wars vs Rage of Bahamut - Whats the difference?

Both games are TCGs, both are promoted via Mobage. Similar theme, similar cards, similar artworks.

So is Deity Wars a Rage of Bahamut ripoff?

Er.. the game is still new, so its tough to tell.

However, there are a few key differences in DW.

1) Items. Now cards can be equipped with items for more customisation. This is something fresh in contrast to RoB, and it adds another dimension at the end game.

2) Marketplace. There is an in-built marketplace for Deity Wars. This may make things easier for trades and stuff.

I love the theme, but I feel DW is somewhat ripping RoB off . Hopefully, we will see a divergent path sometime in the near future, since playing 2 identical games, is not twice the fun. RoB is definitely the king of the hill now. But just keep a lookout for Deity Wars. It may offer some interesting and fun alternatives.

Deity Wars - New game by Mobage

New TCG by Mobage.

Those of you who played Rage of Bahamut should be familiar with this game as it is very similar.

It is currently available on Google Play. Link.

Check it out.